Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The fragrance of roses!!

The word "Rose" is synonymous with beauty.One will never get tired watching the rose with its explicit beauty.
The fragrance  roses is enchanting indeed!! It may be true for many people but not for me,because when the aroma of flower is sensed by my nose, my brain always associates it with something very unpleasant, can you guess what it is? Yes it is DEATH.
                                    I can enjoy visiting the rose garden,admire the vibrant colors of the roses but I can enjoy the smell of the roses because I will start recollecting all the funerals I have attended till now in my life!!
                                            I really feel bad about the custom of using flowers to decorate the coffin,garlanding the dead body (especially in India).The garland looks very awkward on a dead person. The dear and near ones of the dead person all feel sad to see the lifeless body of their loved one with garland of roses which the person would have worn hardly very few times in the most happy occasions in his lifetime!!
                           The entire room would be filled with scent of roses but it will not be enjoyed by anybody there rather later it brings the most unhappy moments to the memory at least people like me!!
                                 I am not here to condemn any of the age ole customs of the people but definitely I feel the roses are misused, anyway the body of the dead person will me more presentable without the flowers.Let the roses be always associated with joy and beauty !!


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  1. When you a beautiful rose one can feel the sense happiness is flowing through out his or her body and that can be rocogonised from one's face and hence rose can be decorated to a place where happiness is required.